Our corporate sales training programs are customize to meet our clients’ needs and goals. The modules are developed from our real life experiences in the selling world and will  not only help you meet the goals you have set for yourself or your company but to exceed them.

We meet with our clients and develop a customized schedule that will be flexible and meet their needs. All trainings come with sales assessments and individual coaching packages.

Training sessions can be held in your office in one of the jrc Consulting training locations available in over 50 locations in North America.


Module 1 Prospecting

  • Where to Prospect
  • Networking for Prospects
  • Cold Calling/Warm Calling
  • Building a Data Base
  • Filling a Pipeline

Module 2 Qualifying

  • Finding out if they are a Prospect or Suspect
  • Developing Qualifying Questions
  • Conversational Qualifying
  • Following up with Prospects

Module 3 Closing

  • Develop Closing Techniques that fit each Individual
  • Unique Closing Tools
  • Conversational Closing

Module 4 Relationship Building

  • How to follow up with Prospects who did not use your Services
  • How to Build Customers for Life
  • How to Keep your Customers

What will you gain from our sales training?

  • A clear and concise prospecting plan
  • Realistic targets and goals of what should be in your sales pipeline
  • Finding out if your prospects are truly prospects or suspects
  • A defined process of closing more sales
  • Increase your repeat business and referrals
  • Increase your profitability and productivity
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We hired JRC Consulting Group to train our entire sales team and it was the best investment of the year. The training was practical to the point and increased our sales. I would recommend any business looking to increase sales and make more money to hire JRC Consulting Group.”

Rick Seymour, CEO Carpenter Companies